Wozzol Learn Your Lines

Go to Wozzol Learn Your Lines and try this new function immediately. Let us know how it goes via the feedback form.

Coming soon: an Android and iPhone app to make learning lines even easier.

Learn Your Lines: tips

Learning lines is not entirely straightforward even with a handy app. Here are a couple of useful tips:
  • Read the text through and make sure that you understand the whole text and know what all the words mean.
  • Start studying in plenty of time. Studying with a little bit of a gap now and then is much more effective than trying to learn a large amount in one go.
  • Return regularly to practice your text: at least once a day to begin with.
  • If you can, speak the lines aloud as you learn them.
  • For the parts that you don't know, use a few mnemonics to help you.
  • Study in a variety of places.
  • Learn smaller sections at first. Ensure that you know one section well, then you can learn the next section.