Learning vocabulary at middle school was traumatic for me. Study, study, give up, and then still get bad results. Ten years later I discovered that all that trauma was entirely unnecessary. Research into how to learn efficiently is as old as mankind. Vocabulary learning is much easier if you do it in the right way. With the right program, it’s a cinch.

In order to bring an end to all that inefficient learning I decided to make this app, with the aim of making it easy and efficient for everyone to learn vocabulary. Learning vocabulary without good support is often too easy with known words and too difficult with new words. With this app vocabulary is tested just before you would otherwise have forgotten it. This means that your learning is neither too difficult nor too easy but instead becomes challenging and fun!

Wozzol offers both free and subscription options. The free version provides everything you need to learn unlimited vocabulary. The paid version give you 9 learning methods (the extra ones being: Multiple Choice, Write It and in Thoughts, Easy Write, New Keyboard, Correct Order and Magic Write) instead of 4 (Write It, Learn in Thoughts, Oldskool and one method from the paid version which changes weekly). In addition, you have extra ways of observing your progress. The paid version costs €14,95 per year.

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