Learning vocabulary with the Wozzol web app

With Wozzol you learn vocabulary in the optimal way, as efficiently as possible.
Why do you learn so well?
What are the tips for learning vocabulary well?
Some extra background information on the strong points of Wozzol.

You increase the vocabulary in your long-term memory every day when learning with Wozzol.

Wozzol uses spaced repetition which helps you learn efficiently.

Wozzol keeps you motivated by using a variety of study methods and gaming concepts.

Vocabulary and sentences can be spoken for an additional learning effect.

Vocabulary can be placed in a context sentence so that you learn it more easily.

You learn vocabulary best by practising every day for a little while. Think of a mnemonic for every word when you learn it the first time. Then test yourself on the words. Keep doing this just before you would otherwise have forgotten the words. In order to know when that would be, you need a teaching program that uses spaced repetition.

If you are reading this then the web application probably doesn’t work for you. Your computer or internet browser is too old. Update your web browser and use Chrome or Safari if possible. You can also use the Android vocabulary learning app or the iPhone vocabulary learning app.