In order to learn a new language you will need to learn thousands of words off by heart. For some people this is very easy, for others very difficult. It would be sensible, however, for everyone to find out first how they can best learn vocabulary. See below for four tips on how you can make learning easier. 

tip Tip 1

Learn every day

Firstly it is important to learn words in a relaxed but focussed way. If at first the words do not stay in your memory, don't worry about it but keep learning them for a short time. Eventually you will remember them. Learn vocabulary every day. Write the difficult words down and put them in your pocket. Revise these words by yourself every couple of hours. The most important thing is that you do practice every day. It doesn't need to be for very long, and it's ok to let it go occasionally, but in principle you should practice every day. Even if you are busy or on holiday.

Tip 2

Learn the word

You need to learn new words before you can recall them. There are different ways of doing this -  the most effective way is to either think of a good mnemonic or a clear picture to go with the word that is easy to remember. This is not always possible straight away.

At first it can be quite difficult to think of a mnemonic to go with each word. Try to train yourself in this. It will keep getting easier. Here's how to make it easier for yourself: 

  • Give the picture a clear location. Ideally a real location that you know well. 
  • Make the picture funny. Add in famous people who are doing silly things.
Discover it yourself

Things to do

  • Repeat the word carefully in your head
  • Say the word.
  • Write the word.
  • Study the form and sound of the word. Think of a way to remember them. 
  • Connect the word to something that you already know. Either a word that is similar or something funny.
  • Write the word on a card, and the translation on the other side of the card. This will help you revise the word briefly in different situations. 
  • Think of a picture to go with the word.
  • Think of a sentence and context for the word.
  • Think of a mnemonic.

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tip Tip 3

Retrieving vocabulary from memory

The best way to learn words that you already know is retrieving them from memory: testing yourself. This is how:

  • Read or listen to the translation of the word in your native tongue.
  • Think of the translation in the language that you are learning. Write it down, say it out loud, and say it in your head.
  • Check whether your answer is correct.

Is your answer correct? If so, you have learnt the word well (a big learning effect). The longer ago you last retrieved this word from your memory, the greater the learning effect is. 

Is your answer incorrect? If so, you do not know the word and there is no learning effect. Learn the word again.

tip Tip 4

Use a program with spaced repetition

After you have learned a word by retrieving it from memory, you need to do this again just before you would otherwise have forgotten it. Otherwise you will need to learn the word all over again.

A revision program which uses spaced repetition can help you with this. Such a program keeps track of which words you will have nearly forgotten and only tests you on these words. This is how you learn the most efficiently. This is how Wozzol works.

So: learn every day, make something up for every word (mnemonic) and test yourself with spaced repetition.