Overwrite word on error

Door 👻 op 31-05-2023

This time we have another small but nice change to Wozzol! In the settings when starting a learning session there is now an extra option under 'More settings'. That's the option: "Copy the word if you got it wrong." By checking this option, you have to overwrite the word one more time after an error.
I am very happy with this extra option. This is a good way to commit yourself to paying extra attention to the mistakes. It also works with 'Flashcards' and 'Multiple choice' learning methods. In that case you really have to write down the word before you can quickly continue.
Try it out for yourself! If you don't look up the setting, you won't find it because it's turned off by default.


Rewrite words if you got it wrong

Alternative translations

Door 👻 op 20-04-2023

Sometimes I am learning words and then a word comes along of which I doubt whether the translation is correct. Or I am curious about other possible translations of the word. From now on you can easily check this with Wozzol.
To do this, press (during the learning session) on the menu option 'Edit word' in the menu at the top right. You get the screen to edit the word. Here are a number of alternative translations of the word from now on. In this way you can see what other translations are and check whether the current input is correct.
This only works with a premium account.

Wozzol alternative translations

Review by free apps for me

Door 👻 op 12-04-2023

Wozzol is reviewed by Free apps for me. Read it on freeappsforme.com.

'This is a really helpful flashcard app that I find quick and easy for language learning. It offers a huge selection of features and tools that make learning languages efficient and entertaining.'

Results per Word

Door 👻 op 30-03-2023

From now on you can see exactly how many times you have learned each word with Wozzol premium. At the page 'Learn Oldskool' there is a new button of a bar chart. If you press this, a bar with blue diamonds, red squares and green circles appears under each word. Each blue diamond represents the word practiced once. Every red square and green circle rehearsed the word once. It is green if it got the word right right away. If you got it wrong first, it's red.
When you click on this bar you get a pop-up with the details of the learning actions. This way you can see exactly when you had learned and what Wozzol's estimate was when you should learn the word again.

You can learn Oldskool in different places. It can be with a word list, with a target or with a special word list such as 'Difficult words'. For example, with a target you can see how often you have learned the words and which words need extra attention.
Tip: create a mnemonics. for the difficult words

Results per word