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Spaced repetition

Spaced repetition is a method of learning in which knowledge is repeated over gradually increasing intervals. Every word that you learn you will need torepeatby actively recalling it just before you would otherwise have forgotten it. However the period between learning and revision must be as long as possible. After a longerintervalrecall of the word becomes more difficult, which stimulates your brain to remember the words better. In addition, this means that you repeat the words less often which saves you time...

The opposite of spaced repetition isintense study. During intense study you repeat one word very frequently. In this way you learn a word well in the short term. However, you also forget it again very quickly. This means that you will forget words that you think you have learnt well, very quickly. In order to fix words in your long-term memory, you need to use spaced repetition.

All knowledge must have context. You can add your own context sentence or choose an existing one for every word that you wish to learn.

Context sentences

Isolated knowledge is very difficult to remember. All knowledge needs a context in order for associations to be made. Context is often missed out in the learning of vocabulary because you are focussed on your goal: which is to memorize words. When you learn vocabulary with Wozzol, all the words can be learned in a sentence. For each word that you learn you can add your own context sentence or choose an existing one.

By this means you have a context for every word, which makes it easier to remember. A word can be learned for use in a variety of contexts, by varying the contexts. There are lots of great ready-made example sentences in Wozzol.

You can learn vocabulary in a way that means you will remember it for a very long time.

Fixing vocabulary in your long-term memory.

If you learn all your vocabulary the day before a test, you will forget it all again very quickly. When you use Wozzol to learn vocabulary you can use the same amount of effort to fix the words in your long-term memory. To do this you need to start learning the words sooner, and learn them less frequently for less long. If you still want to practice a little more for the test tomorrow then you can go to the vocabulary list and choose 'Learn the whole list'. In addition there is the extra option of 'Learn it Oldskool' through which you can handily learn the list at the last moment if necessary.

A good mnemonic is the hack to learn a word well straight away.


With a good mnemonic you can memorise a word in a lasting way! Invent and remember your own mnemonic and you will suddenly be able to remember words well for a much longer time. Making up good mnemonics is personal and takes some practice. With practice you will get better and better at this so you remember the vocabulary more and more quickly.

In Wozzol you can give every word a mnemonic.This consists of two sentences of which you can always request the first when testing yourself. You can also request the second sentence but your answer will not count as correct, so you will be shown the same vocabulary again soon. Mnemonics that you have made, can always be used by others as well.



Gamification is more than just a buzzwoord. Every week, people spend billions of hours on playing online games without the promise of receiving anything concrete in return. People do this because the games have been developed so that you want to play for longer, and get better at them. Not because people get money for playing, or because they have to, but because it is fun to make things and to get good at something. Online games are so good at this that in modern versions there are built in 'anti-addiction' elements. If you play a game for more than 20 hours a week, then it will go into a special 'boring' mode so that you will stop playing: prevention against addiction!

In the same way, learning a language can become very gripping. When you get good at something, you want to get even better at it. Wozzol uses the concepts of the gaming world to make learning vocabulary more fun and exciting. You can always see your own progress through the progress indicator, number of words learnt and knowledge points). In addition you are given missions, and the program Wozzol can help motivate you as well with supportive comments.