Multiple choice with Wozzol

Multiple choice with Wozzol

Wozzol gives you a number of multiple-choice options for the first letter of the word. This first choice is a lot harder than simply choosing a word. This helps you learn more effectively because you do try to produce the word from memory. Once you have got the first letter right, you can choose the correct word from a number of words that all begin with the same letter.

If you have to give the gender of the word first, that can also be presented as a multiple-choice option. Once you have answered the multiple-choice question you can choose the option of: ‘this was a guess’. This will show that you need to practice these words more often in order to learn them better.

Extra alternative: Easy Write

Wozzol offers another alternative to help you learn efficiently through multiple choice. This method is called Easy Write. In this you keep choosing the next letter of the word out of three options. The multiple-choice options offered would be, as much as possible, only letters which could work in that position. For example, an ‘x’ would never be used unless required.

Be aware: multiple- choice learning and Easy Write are always available in the premium version of Wozzol, in the free version you can use them every few weeks.