Wozzol basic

Wozzol basic is used when you have not signed in with a username and password. This is for trying Wozzol out. Your lists will not be saved securely and can be lost.

Wozzol standard

If you log in you will get the standard version. Your word lists will be saved securely and you can use the same account from any device. Wozzol standard offers you:
  1. Spaced repetition. Wozzol will select the best moment for you to be tested on each word so that you will learn as efficiently as possible.
  2. An unlimited number of word lists and languages.
  3. Three learning methods. These are: Write it, Learn in Thoughts and a third method which will vary each week.
  4. Pronunciation of sentences or words.
  5. Choice of learning direction.
  6. Context sentences to add to words.
  7. A progress report email every month to your mailbox.
  8. The ability to share your own word lists
  9. Learn Oldskool
  10. Statistics: in a progress graph
  11. Targets: you can set one target
  12. The option of pimping Wozzol
  13. The option of playing ‘Memory’ once for each new word.

Wozzol premium

Wozzol premium offers everything that Wozzol standard offers you plus:
  1. Nine learning methods instead of three.
  2. An extra list for learning stubborn or difficult words Oldskool.
  3. Extra learning directions: as desired
  4. Extra statistics: progress calendar
  5. Targets: you can set an unlimited number of targets
  6. Extra settings: -Don’t ask for the gender of a word. -Show new words once first.
  7. Night mode set when you want night mode on yourself. This only works in the app.
  8. Set pronunciation speed
  9. Split easy word lists up.
  10. Put easy word lists together.
  11. Special keyboard for adding special characters to the word list.
  12. Add pictures and learn them
  13. Pimp Wozzol and change the colours.
  14. After a learning session you can see when you will get the words again in a learning session.
  15. Play ‘Memory’ with all new words (if there are enough words)
  16. Change the order of the words in the word lists.
  17. Mark words with a star ⭐ during Oldskool learning to add them to an extra list.