Context sentences in Wozzol

In Wozzol you can give a whole context sentence when you are adding a word and use square brackets to identify which word you are learning. For example:

[de zon] komt op in het oosten = [the sun] rises in the east

In this example Wozzol will only test you on the word ‘de zon’. The rest of the sentence is provided to give you the context. Make sure that if you are likely to be tested on vocabulary without context, that you are still able to do this and don’t make all your knowledge dependent on context!

Some standard word lists already have a number of context sentences. For example this word list made out of sentences from a comic.

Examples of context sentences

A simple sentence with context:
The father was playing with his son while [the mother] was reading a book.
De vader speelde met zijn zoon terwijl [de moeder] een book las.

Here the sentence is being used as a context sentence for ‘de moeder’ while it could equally be used for another word in the sentence.

A sentence where the context is important to the translation of the sentence:
There's no point in [brooding] about what happened.
Er is geen punt om [te tobben] over wat er is gebeurd.

A sentence where the meaning of the word is also explained in the foreign language:
[petrichor] is the scent of rain on dry earth
[de geur van aarde na de regen]

A sentence where a word that is difficult to translate is better explained:
het vinden van [iets leuks] terwijl op zoek naar iets anders

Sentences where the context is used to give a specific meaning or multiple meanings to be learned:
He is a nice [neighbour]. = Hij is een leuke [buurman].
She is a nice [neighbour]. = Zij is een leuke [buurvrouw].
[neighbour] = [buurman] / buurvrouw
[neighbour] = buurman / [buurvrouw]

Example in Wozzol

You can add context sentences to Wozzol in a variety of ways.
  • In a word list by placing the word in a sentence with square brackets around it.
  • In a word list by opening it and clicking on the green button.
  • During a learning session by clicking on the menu above and choosing ‘Adapt word’ or ‘Context’.
  • In a word list by choosing ‘Add context’ from the menu on the right. This will prompt Wozzol to look for existing context sentences for all the words in your list. You can then choose the sentences which appeal to you.