How do you crush those words?

I see the words as adversaries. Usually, just a few approach you at a time but sometimes a huge group of them advances towards you. There is only one solution. The group must be mercilessly destroyed. Be pitiless, and watch triumphantly as they retreat, never to return. Don’t give them a chance to regroup but instead throw them out mercilessly every time.

Oh no! A large horde is approaching.

Don’t panic! We will eventually get through them all! Learn all the words using Wozzol. Do not let any escape. Come back an hour or so later. Some words have come back – defeat these. Repeat again two hours later. This is how to store the vocabulary in your long-term memory and remember them forever.

Don’t worry if a word is being difficult. That’s how they are. Just keep knocking them down, and eventually they’ll retreat.

I keep getting attacked by a small group.

Don’t worry. A small group is a small effort. Do keep practicing them every day. Don’t give them the chance to gang up on you!

In Wozzol you defend the fortress of your knowledge. Every word that you do not know attacks your knowledge base. By testing yourself on the word, you defeat the word and remember it.