How to use flashcards for learning?

Open Wozzol as a webapp (This option is not available in the Android app or the Apple app). Go to the word list that you wish to make flashcards for. Select 'Print as flashcards' from the menu at the top. Now print out the downloaded pdf making sure that it will be double sided. Cut out the cards. Now you are ready to learn them. You can brighten the cards up with pictures or mnemonics to make them easier to remember.

The system

You will have to decide which cards to learn when yourself. This is most effective through spaced repetition and the Leitner study method. This works as follows:

Find yourself some boxes. You can name them, for example, box one, two, and three. Put all the new flashcards in box one. Test yourself on all the cards in box one. If you get them wrong, they stay in box one. If you get them right, they go in box two. Continue until there are no more cards in box one. Now stop and return the next day. Test yourself on all the cards in box two. Put the ones that you get right in box three. If you get them wrong put them back in box one.

Continue to learn the words in box one every day. Every other day, or every few days learn the words in box two. Learn the words in box three every week. Learn the words in box four every month. Keep going as long as you wish and eventually finish with all the cards in the bin.

Put the cards that you find really difficult in a prominent place. For example, on the table or in the toilet. Practice the words several times a day, whenever you come across them. When you think that you know them put them back in box one.

If you are still making lots of mistakes when you test yourself then you need to learn them more frequently. If you’re finding it very easy, space your practice out a bit more.

Good luck!