Structured learning

Learning vocabulary or texts in a structured way is best done with an app such as Wozzol. This website (amongst others) will tell you how it works. Start learning and make sure that you come back every day to study for a while. Turn this into a habit. Study your vocabulary or your text every day as soon as you get home (or other suitable time). If you do this every day it’s no big effort. You can use flash cards as well. My own tactic to learn vocabulary is: ‘Attack!’

Think of an image for every word

Most people with dyslexia are good visual thinkers. Use that advantage by thinking of an image for every word. Make this image more powerful by making it funny, emotional, or placing it in an environment that you know.

Be very precise about the spelling of all words or texts. This won’t come naturally to you, so it is important to look at each individual letter of the text.

In conclusion: don’t worry about it. With dyslexia you can get more confused if something is not clear. However, that’s no longer going to be an issue as from now on you’re going to have a great learning system. In addition, ‘don’t worry about it’ is one of the principles of learning vocabulary or texts well. If you don’t remember the word today, you will remember it tomorrow. With or without a mnemonic.