Learning online and offline

Learning vocabulary online is very easy. Go to www.wozzol.nl to start learning straight away. If you are online you can access all the functions and all the standard word lists. If you have the Android vocabulary learning app or the Apple vocabulary learning app you can continue studying even when you are offline. Nearly all of the functions are also available offline. As soon as you are back online all your progress and new vocabulary will be synchronized.

With or without logging in

You can use Wozzol without logging in. Would you like to try Wozzol out or learn a standard word list? You can do that without logging in. Or would you rather learn vocabulary with Wozzol in a serious and structured way? In that case, I recommend starting an account. Then you will be able to store your word lists and progress safely online. In addition, you will have some more functionality and Wozzol will adapt to your needs. Wozzol is an adaptive learning program so you will be tested on the words that you have more trouble with more often. Or when you are finding it easy, you will get longer gaps between the testing of that particular vocabulary.

Free or premium

You can use Wozzol to learn as many words as you want, and save as many word lists as you want for free. In truth, you can do anything with the free version. However, the premium version is available from only 85 eurocents per month and helps you learn even more efficiently. It gives you nine different learning methods instead of four, and handy extras such as the option of putting your word lists into folders.